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Tempeh or Tofu: Which Is Healthier for You?
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The 5 Healthiest Cooking Oils for Vegan Diets
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Is lactic acid vegan?
What is lactic acid?  Lactic acid is a substance that bacteria produce during fermentation. Lactobacillus...
Can We Expect Vegan Steak to Accurately Replicate Beef? This New Business Project Wagers You Won't Notice the Difference
The Berlin-based business Project Eaden has recently secured roughly $11 million to begin producing...
Avocados Aren’t Vegan
Yes, it’s in the news, a new cancelation policy focused mostly on the millennial-favorite fruit,...
What are vegan probiotics? and do supplements help with gut health?
Gut health is essential to overall wellness. If you’re contemplating vegan probiotics,...
Climate labels, what are they? How Effective Are They in Changing Our Eating Habits?
There has been a rise in the use of climate labels on food packaging and menus, but how effective...
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Tempeh or Tofu: Which Is Healthier for You?
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Omega-3s: A Guide for Vegans
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