What Is The Healthiest Plant-Based Milk?

What Is The Healthiest Plant Based Milk

milk sales are constantly increasing while dairy stays fixed, but which is the healthiest milk we can get?

The question to ask is how good nutritionally speaking are alternatives compared to cow’s milk?. The assessed four types of plant-based milk: almond, coconut, soy, and rice milk. 

Rice and milk have limited nutrient diversity but are options for those allergic to soy or nuts. 

Almond milk has a balanced nutrient profile but the total number of calories is not as rich as that of cow’s milk, for that reason those consuming almond milk must make sure that they get various essential nutrients that are available through other sources in a tailored design in appropriate quantities. 

Soy is very rich in proteins and fat, as well as it has many health benefits linked to exhibit anti- properties. 

‘What is the healthiest plant-milk?’

Most doctors recommend drinking unsweetened soy milk, which is the healthiest milk out there. It’s not mandatory to drink any milk at all and if you use it for your GMO cereals it doesn’t matter what kind of milk, it’s all bad. 

However, if you’re using that milk to moisten your oat groats in the morning. Well, then unsweetened soy is probably the best.

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