Do Vegans Need Vitamins To Supplement?

Appropriate vitamin supplementation is crucial for a healthy and balanced nutrition. To help ensure that our bodies get all the nutrients we need, it is highly recommended that we use vitamin supplements for a balanced and varied .

Vitamin B12

This vitamin helps with the development of red blood cells and to maintain a healthy nervous system. 

Vegans should consider taking this supplement since B12 is not produced by plants; it is manufactured by microorganisms. However, people who do not consume animal products need to obtain B12 from fortified foods or supplementation. 

Vitamin D3 

Vitamin D is extremely important for bone and muscle health. During the spring and summer, we get it through skin exposure to the sunlight even for a short period. However, vitamin D supplementation is recommended over the winter and all the year for certain groups, including people with darker skin and those who do not often expose their skin to sunlight. 


Iodine intake is necessary for thyroideal . Most plants do not need this mineral for growth, so their contents in them are usually low. If you consume around 500ml of iodine-fortified plant daily, this can provide a good amount of iodine. Alternatively, a supplement containing potassium iodate or potassium iodide is a reliable option.


Selenium helps our bodies to fight infections and prevent cells and tissue damage. As with iodine, plants do not require selenium for their growth. Supplementation is recommended as a reliable way of guaranteeing an adequate intake of this mineral.

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