Noble Jerky a 50-Year-Old Meat Company Goes Vegan And Revenue Soars 70%

Noble Jerky a 50 Year Old Meat Company Goes Vegan And Revenue Soars 70%

Image Credit: NOBEL Jerky

The 50-year-old meat company NOBLE Jerky has gone vegan and increased its profits by an impressive 70% amid COVID-19.

The brand switched from animal products three years ago to create a plant-based “beef “ jerky and other vegan products.

Stefan Urbani is the Co-Founder of NOBLE Jerky said that the brand realized raising animals for food production is not longer sustainable for them.

“We took our three generations of meat drying technical knowledge, along with new developments in plant-based proteins, to deliver people the ultimate sustainable plant-based protein that tastes just like a top-quality beef-jerky, Today, clients everywhere can purchase our novel products directly via our site. We feel truly excited about relentlessly providing individuals with healthy vegan options. And, to help them see that a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be difficult.”


The company offers an extensive range of plant-based jerky in five different flavors:  Sweet BBQ, Teriyaki, Chipotle, and Hickory. 

Their products are completely GMO-free and contain 14g of protein per serving, compared to its regular beef counterpart, NOBLE Jerky uses less water, less land, and generates a ‘fraction of the carbon emissions. 

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