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After a two-year wait, vegan JUST Eggs will (finally) launch in Europe
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Fish-free calamari fries mimic seafood
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Poultry Industry Veterans Raised USD 100 Million to Promote Their Vegan Chicken Brand
NextGen Foods, a Singapore-based company and the manufacturers of vegan chicken brand TiNDLE...
Plant-Based Meat Will Be Cheaper Than Animal Meat Sooner Than Expected
At this moment plant-based meat cost more than conventional animal meat. It is projected to...
Israeli Startup making 3D-Printed Vegan Steak Secures $135 Million In Funds
Israeli start-up “Redefine Meat” is expanding to Europe as the interest in new vegan technologies...
Fish From The Desert?. Israeli Start-Up To Launch World’s First’ Vegan Salmon Fillet
The once small niche vegan and vegetarian food scene are now filled with options. Today, consumers...
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Mung beans isolated on white background
After a two-year wait, vegan JUST Eggs will (finally) launch in Europe
You Can Now Pay With Bitcoin For Your Veggies