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New startups raise $14 million to see if microbes can make better vegan cheese than cows
Casein, a milk protein, is used to make conventional cheese. It is sourced from the milk of...
Taking out the Cow from the equation by making Vegan Meat Directly From Grass Proteins
Schouten Europe and Grassa have teamed together to research the viability of producing plant-based...
Here Is Everything You Need to Know About Jackfruit Meat
Meat made from jackfruit. Could it possibly be a fruit? Get eight mouthwatering recipes and...
For the first time ever, cell-based meat will be sold at butcheries
A regulatory body has given its first-ever green light to the commercial sale of “cultured...
Beyond Meat is failing and the plant-based meat business is worried
For a time, it appeared that Beyond Meat was conquering the planet. Its imitation burgers...
What is the Future of Vegan Seafood? Which Startups Are Leveraging the Potential of Mushrooms
With shrimp, scallops, and salmon created from mycelium, three firms in three countries are...
The market for mushroom meat is anticipated to hit one billion dollars by 2032
The market for mycoprotein, which is sometimes referred to as mushroom meat, is anticipated...
Alternatives to Animal Leather: 9 Styles on the Way
There are several alternatives to using animals, such as cactus leaves and mycelium, to create...
Future Meat Technologies Could Reduce Livestock's 180 Million Ton Methane Footprint
Future Meat Technologies of Israel has successfully grown lamb meat using cellular agriculture,...
Vegan Men A ‘Hot Commodity’ This Valentine’s – New Dating App Reveals
Are Non Dairy Creamers Vegan? Plus, the 5 Best Ways to Spice Up Your Coffee
Taking out the Cow from the equation by making Vegan Meat Directly From Grass Proteins
woman eating
What are vegan probiotics? and do supplements help with gut health?
Stella McCartney created first world’s mushroom leather clothing
Redefine Meat is moving plant-based proteins from patties to steaks
First 3d-printed Vegan Salmon
Using Technology, Not Bees, To Make Real Honey
Eat Just To Launch Vegan Egg In Europe
Eat Just To Launch Vegan Egg In Europe