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New studies: Chocolate is a superfood (but only if you leave dairy aside).
Do you think chocolate is healthy? It is a good choice because it is loaded with nutrients...
Is Plant-Based Protein Still a Trendy Item?
A report from the non-profit Good Food Institute found that, despite the current market climate,...
Can You Trust Fake Meat? Here's Why Vegan Food Isn't "Just Another Fad"
The media’s anti-vegan bias seems to be growing. There has been a spate of recent nasty...
Fava Beans: An Ancient Pulse with a Modern Twist
Fava beans, also known as broad beans, are one of the oldest domesticated crops in the world,...
Taking out the Cow from the equation by making Vegan Meat Directly From Grass Proteins
Schouten Europe and Grassa have teamed together to research the viability of producing plant-based...
Is Chocolate a Healthy Food Choice?
The Positive Effects of Vegan Chocolate Will Have You Feeling Completely Guilt-Free Chocolate...
Nutritionally and sustainably, a whole food plant-based diet has many benefits
Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts are all staples of a healthy and sustainable...
New startups raise $14 million to see if microbes can make better vegan cheese than cows
Casein, a milk protein, is used to make conventional cheese. It is sourced from the milk of...
Can We Expect Vegan Steak to Accurately Replicate Beef? This New Business Project Wagers You Won't Notice the Difference
The Berlin-based business Project Eaden has recently secured roughly $11 million to begin producing...
Is a plant-based diet ideal for the health of the elderly? Read on to learn the consensus of opinion among specialists
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