New Vegan Shoes Made From Recycled Party Balloons

Image Credit: Undo For Tomorrow

Portuguese shoe brand “Undo for Tomorrow” has recently launched its new vegan “Nuven” sneakers.

Its sole is made from exploded and leftovers of party balloons and rubber tire leftovers with a unique multicolored sole appearance. The shoes are made using other recycled and natural materials such as bamboo, Amazon Rainforest rubber for the toe caps, castor oil for the insole, and recycled plastic for the vegan suede outer shell. The sneakers are available in four color options: Vanilla Rainbow, Desert Camel, Dark Grey, and Black Bird. 

The idea behind the design was to combine the comfort of performance sneakers with the style and shape of casual shoes. The shoes are designed with light materials and are water repellent too. “Undo for Tomorrow” is produced in a family-owned factory in São Paulo, Brazil, using materials supplied mainly from within the Brazilian market. 

Launched via the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, the Nuven shoes are being sold at USD 91 with worldwide shipping starting August 2021.

Image Credit: Undo For Tomorrow

The global footwear industry creates a lot of waste with materials such as plastic, petroleum, and animal-derived leather. In the last year, a few startups are changing the way shoes are traditionally made, using recycled and renewable materials. 

Big names are getting into eco-friendly footwear. Adidas recently unveiled the Mylo Stan Smith, a vegan version of its iconic Stan Smith sneakers made with mushroom-based leather. Wich is renewable, environmentally friendly, and performs exactly in the same way as traditional leather. The outer upper, perforated stripes, heel tab overlay, and premium branding are all made with Mylo and the midsole of the shoe is made with natural rubber.

Image Credit: Adidas

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