The ultimate selection of vegan sneakers

With the assistance of our guide to the finest vegan shoes, you can ditch your sky-high heels and shift into something a bit more comfortable.

Strappy sandals, high-heeled platform heels, knee-high boots… While all of these footwear options are fantastic for special occasions, nothing beats a decent pair of sneakers for versatility. Lightweight trainers, fashionable chunky kicks, and simple slip-on all lend a unique touch to your daily look. You can always count on the basic sneaker to solve any fashion challenge, whether you’re doing errands in the city or getting ready for a night out with your best friends. However, for those looking for vegan-friendly materials, finding a pair without wasteful and inhumane materials like leather, plastic, and animal-based glue might be difficult. Fortunately, as the fashion industry gradually shifts to a more environmentally responsible, animal-friendly approach, there are more possibilities than ever to feed your (vegan) buying needs. It’s past time to put the vegan shoe on the map, with brands like Nike, Adidas, and even Gucci developing vegan versions of their popular designs. Continue reading for some incredibly fashionable vegan sneakers that are appropriate for every mood or occasion.

Vans Eco Theory Slip-On SF, USD 70

The legendary skate brand’s new Eco Theory line gives the traditional checkerboard Vans a green update. Vans employs organically farmed cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, anti-microbial hemp that takes less water to cultivate, and natural, petroleum-free rubber for soles that keep the same grip as the brand’s previous designs, with an emphasis on using sustainably sourced materials.

SAYE Modelo ‘89 Vegan Lima, $160

SAYE’s first vegan shoe is a vintage fantasy come true, made from maize leather, bamboo, and recycled thermoplastics reclaimed from automotive industries (it even comes in other pastel colors like blue, yellow, salmon, and lilac). The three-year-old company is aiming to become a zero-waste company while also pushing for better working conditions and combating deforestation by planting two trees for every pair of sneakers sold.

AVRE Infinity Glide Shoe, USD 145

With their trendy sneakers constructed from recycled water bottles, women-owned AVRE (which stands for Authentic, Versatile, Responsible, and Empowered) is taking eco-friendly to the next level. The slip-on Infinity Glide from the Southern California-based company is very comfortable, sturdy, and washable, making your next outdoor excursion or all-day shopping trip a breeze.


These unisex lace-up shoes by CARIUMA, located in Rio de Janeiro, combine comfort and flair. This easy-to-wear, machine-washable design is created of bamboo, cork, recycled PET, plastic bottles, and sugarcane, and follows the brand’s quality-over-quantity attitude. In addition, for every pair of shoes sold, the brand plants two trees in the Brazilian jungle. If only we could figure out which color to run about in.

Ella & Witt Goodall Sneaker, USD 210

Ella & Witt is a German label founded by Birgit and Torsten Lasar and named after two members of their local animal refuge, goose Ella and cow Frau Witt. The vegan Goodall shoe, made of corn leather and ethically produced in Portugal, is an Instagrammable dream with its brilliant color scheme and hefty construction. For the ultimate cool-girl look, put on your favorite pair of jeans and a white shirt.

Veja V-12 B-Mesh, USD 140

Founders Sebastien Kopp and Francois-Ghislain Morillion decided they wanted to build a brand focused on social responsibility, fair trade, and sustainability after visiting a fast-fashion factory in China. Enter VEJA, the massively successful and celebrity-favorite French label. These all-vegan sneakers created from Amazonian rubber, rice trash, and recycled plastic bottles provide a splash of color to any basic ensemble.

P448 Skate Vegan Onyx, USD 325

In these low-top sneakers with sky-high rubber platform soles, the Italian shoemakers at P448 are elevating your style to new heights. The vegan version constructed with recycled laces has a subtle glitter thanks to the metallic vegan leather accent and extra resistance for those scratches and glides while surfing the streets. Is it possible to be both adorable and ecologically conscious? That will always be a fixture in our wardrobe.

Soludos Yebo Vegan Sneaker, USD 139

Soludos the brand favored by many celebrities thinks that every step counts, which is why it has released its first vegan leather sneaker made from recycled rubber and cork. Simple white, classy navy, trendy wine, and feminine pink are among the four traditional hues available for the foam-lined Yebo.

SeaVees Monterey Sneaker Platform, USD 110

SeaVees is famous for establishing sneakers as a daily shoe in modern American society, having been founded in the 1960s and reinvigorated in the 2000s by Steven Tiller (it was primarily for the gym or a kids-only option back then). SeaVees now offers a range of vegan options, including these beautiful strawberry and planet Earth platform lace-up sneakers. It’s almost too adorable to put on… nearly!

Adidas by Stella McCartney Ultraboost 22, USD 230

Stella McCartney, the iconic eco-conscious designer, worked with the German sports gear firm in 2005 and has since produced exciting, imaginative designs that are sure to inspire anybody who wears them. For example, the Ultraboost (made from recycled plastic components) is both useful and fashionable for all the gym rats out there. Samba and Continental 80, two of the brand’s most popular models, are also available in vegan variants.

Gucci Rhyton Sneaker, USD 850

Gucci, the iconic fashion label, has finally entered the vegan leather game with the launch of its first collection of cruelty-free sneakers. The Rhyton sneaker is made of Demetra, a leather substitute made from 77 percent plant-based raw materials including wood pulp and viscose, and has the same silky texture as the brand’s leather designs.

KUMI Classic KS Sneaker, USD 121

Sergio Carvajal de Con and Alexandra Pardo Gómez del Cerro, co-founders of KUMI, were fed up with their 9-to-5 careers and decided to pursue their dreams of creating a sustainable vegan company. These lightweight, anti-slip shoes feature an old-school skater-inspired style and come in six various colors to offer a sporty-chic appearance to any outfit. Additionally, each pair is crafted from recycled cork and plastic water bottles for a breathable, eco-friendly feel.

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