New Fashion Range Made With ‘Human Skin’ Takes Aim At Urban Outfitters For Using Leather

Image Source: PETA Instagram

A new online store called Urban Outraged has popped out in the new fashion scene. The brand is part of a tactical guerrilla marketing campaign by the animal rights organization PETA. The basic idea is of a company selling clothing made from human skin. The new designer Urban Outraged takes aim at Urban Outfitters that still are using animal leather, fur, and in its designs.

The Urban Outrage online “store” allows users to choose handbags, pants, jackets, shoes, dresses, belts, and skirts, as well as skincare and dog collars. The website is made to look realistic with links to shipping and delivery pages, and gift cards. However, a closer look reveals that these products (which are not actually real) are made with faux human body parts, including teeth, faces, and blood. 

The site also advertises an Afterlife Collection, which claims it will turn your loved one’s skin into a handmade item for you to cherish and remember.  There are even fake customer reviews.

Once the users engage in the content, the campaign takes a darker turn as a secret webpage is unlocked.

“When it comes to ripping off the skin, a living being is a living being,” the hidden site states.

“If you own animal-derived materials like wool, leather, alpaca, cashmere, mohair, down, or silk, you’ve bought into barbaric industries involving violent practices that would be considered cruel and unusual were they performed on humans,” it adds. 

The secret site contains images of dead animals within the fashion industry, as well as the many methodologies used to kill them.

“Animals are not fabric, and their skin is not ours for the taking,” commented PETA Director Elisa Allen. “Urban Outraged by PETA US challenges shoppers to see the individual behind every bit of animal skin and leave those products on the shelves.”

The website’s call to action encourages people to sign a petition urging Urban Outfitters to ditch animal-derived products for good. 

So far, it has garnered nearly 130,000 signatures.

You can visit the Urban Outraged website here.

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