Michelin-Star Chef Alexis Gauthier Turns London His Restaurant 100% Vegan

Michelin Star Chef Alexis Gauthier Turns London His Restaurant 100% Vegan
Vegan Restaurant Illustration

Michelin-star chef Alexis Gauthier has recently turned his London completely , despite pushback from customers. The French chef said he has been working on this idea for the past years. 

He confirmed the restaurant will re-open on June 23, after restrictions are lifted. 

Gauthier has experienced a big pushback from its customers that felt they've been let down. This issue is becoming a big problem for his revenue. 

Gauthier has recently opened a cafeteria entitled 123 Vegan at the Mayfair department store in Fenwick. 

The menu features dishes such as a California cheeseburger, quesadillas, and salads. For desserts, it offers a Dark ‘Vemesis' Cake, seasonal sorbets, fruit salad, and more.

Prices range from £22 for two courses to £26 for three courses.

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