New Israeli Startup: Meal capsules from Veggies

Image Credit: Anina Culinary Art

Anina, an Israeli company startup will change all perceptions of the ready meal category by using unwanted to make meal capsules. The process will be recycling unwanted veggies from retailers and transforming them into meal capsules.

In an event organized by Kitchen FoodTech Hub, Anina’s co-founder and CEO Anat Natan said shoppers often face a lack of healthy choices. Anina is offering 100% natural, ready-to-eat meal capsules rich in and nutrients. The design is really unique and attractive to the eyes.

The capsules cook in the microwave for about eight minutes, and there are many different choices for the taste of any palate. 

The company is a member of the Upcycled Foods Association and sources what it calls the most favorable, fresh discarded by retailers due to aesthetic reasons. These vegetables are layered and coated to produce the capsule.

This recycling methodology gives a solution to food waste by supporting a circular economy and at the same time, when using unwanted produce we get a healthy mix of made accessible, tasty in a user-friendly fashion.

“They dissolve at exactly the right time — when all the ingredients have been cooked to perfection, creating the ultimate tasty and nutritious meal. They are designed to create an empathetic connection between people and what they eat,”

“They are an essential part of the nourishing experience. They encapsulate everything we love about food and express the unlimited potential of food-based innovation.”

Anina’s co-founder and CEO Anat Natan 

The brand is also thinking to make healthy snack bars using fruits too, by using a unique fusion of innovative technology, expertise in design and knowledge in culinary arts to create innovative foods.

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