This Startup Just Made The World’s First Edible Vegan Collagen. Here’s How They Did It


Geltor a Biodesign startup announced the launch of the world's first edible collagen under the PrimaColl brand in the food and nutrition sector. It was created with proteins through microbial fermentation, Geltor's development is the first true collagen to be produced without animal ingredients. 

Geltor was founded by Alex Lorestani, Ph.D. and Nick Ouzounov, Ph.D. to create high-performing consumer proteins free from animals and GMOs. The vegan collagen is more potent in less volume and does not has secondary components which are very common to animal-derived collagens which can impact solubility and present formulation challenges. 

Geltor's vegan collagen is an exact replica of Type 21 collagen, known for its ability to induce increased collagen production in cells. Type 21 is known for its multiplier effect in signaling to cells for the production of additional collagen. Type 21 is not only exceptional in this way, extremely rare in nature, and is less than 1 percent of the total collagen found in the body. 

What is vegan collagen?

Unlike animal-based collagen, which is sourced from animal bones, skin, and cartilage, Geltor's Type 21 collagen is cultivated on microbes that naturally produce proteins. A DNA sequence is inserted programming the microbes to produce the collagen

With a third-party clinical trial of PrimaColl currently underway, Geltor's Vice President of Business Development notes the high interest level among the startup's customers in adding vegan collagen to a variety of products from baked goods to gummies.

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