Eight New Vegan Food Launches: From Mars, Quorn, Greggs, And Many More

Image Source: Future Farm

In the last couple of weeks, we have had some outstanding plant-based food launches recently, so many that we can barely keep up with the pace. This week, in the UK we have some interesting releases from the likes of Mars, Greggs, Quorn, Crosstown, and Future Farm.

Here are a few of them:

Milky Way Magic Stars join Mars' vegan lineup. M

Mars, announced the debut of a vegan version of their iconic chocolate product, Milky Way Magic Stars. In bar form, they have been released in two flavors, Original and Popping Candy, and in two different sizes: 25g and 85g, and are now available at Chain stores.

General manager Michelle Frost said the company is ‘delighted' to build on the vegan range. 

Frost adds: “Galaxy Vegan has proved incredibly popular, now recognized as a leading free-from brand. And, showing strong double-digit growth. We believe that Dairy-Free Milky Way Magic Stars will be received as an exciting addition to the free-from category!”

Future Farm Releases two new vegan products to the UK

Brazilian giant manufacturer, Future Farm, is releasing a new tuna alternative, named Future Tvna, and a product Future Chick'n.

To be released in stores in the UK this month, Future Tvna comes in a 150g pack and Future Chick'n is available at 160g pack.

Both are made from a blend of soy, pea, and proteins using the  “True Texture Technology” which is aimed to mimic animal products as closely as possible.

Co-founder Marcos Leta said the firm decided to create its own version of tuna as it's one of the most consumed fish in the world, despite some species being endangered.

He added: “As a food company that uses technology, we are and will continue to reinvent and look to improve in terms of taste, sustainability, and healthiness. 

“We plan to make slaughterhouses – which no longer belong in this new world – increasingly obsolete with our products, which are better for people and our planet.”

IKEA Indonesia adds 4 new plant-based dishes

Indonesia's IKEA branch has released four new plant-based dishes to its stores, in collaboration with Green Rebel Foods. 

This is part of the strategy by the Swedish furniture company's to turn half its restaurants plant-based by 2025, Green Queen reports.

The new items include plant-based versions of the classic Swedish , the Plant Ball, as well as a Plant-Based Sausage Bun, Plant Balls Teriyaki, and Plant Balls Satay inspired by Asian cuisine.

Quorn debuts ‘fakeaway'-inspired range

Quorn is releasing three new products: Buffalo Wings, Crunchy Strips, and a Crunchy Fillet Burger. Made from mycoprotein, the vegan items were created to provide takeaway goodies for winter evenings.

Marketing director Gill Riley said in a statement to PBN: 

“We're excited to launch Quorn's new takeaway range to enable families to have a fakeaway feast that is healthier for you and the planet. There is no better way to bring meat-free into your meals this winter.”

The launch debuts in chain stores by the last week of October.

Greggs announced a plant-based festive launch

In about three weeks, Greggs Bakery is launching a new Plant-Based Festive Bake.

We'll have a Quorn filling with sage and onion stuffing, and a vegan bacon crumb with cranberry filling.

Crosstown celebrates fall with vegan Pumpkin Doughnut

British donut company Crosstown announced a new plant-based product: the Pumpkin Doughnut for the fall season and Thanksgiving. It's made with vegan sourdough and hand-dipped in a pumpkin glaze.

Adam Wils, Crosstown's co-founder, said: 

“We're excited to be reintroducing the flavor for Thanksgiving, celebrating with our friends across the pond with curated gift boxes featuring this seasonal signature doughnut.”

Ocado welcomes vegan probiotics from Phizz

Online retailer Ocado is adding a new plant-based probiotic next week, from Phizz. The Good Guts product claims to be an ‘all-in-one solution to digestive wellbeing', with added vitamin D to support the immune system.

NEXE adds three new products to the XOMA superfood range

Canadian brand, NEXE Innovations, released three new products to its Superfood coffee range. The new plant-based beverages include XOMA Keto Cocoa, XOMA Matcha, and XOMA Turmeric Golden Milk.

Each comes in a fully compostable pod form that fits in ‘leading' single-serve coffee machines.

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