First Cadbury-style Crème Egg Totally Vegan

Image Source: mummymeagz Instagram

British-based manufacturer brand Mummy Meagz just launched Cadbury-style vegan crème eggs in Asda stores nationwide. While most of the brands, including Cadbury, launch their products on crème eggs during the Easter season, Mummy Meagz says its vegan crème egg will be available all year-round. 

The Meagz vegan Egg features a dark chocolate shell exterior filled with white and yellow fondant. When it first launched at UK retailer Holland & Barrett before the Easter holiday last year, its popularity skyrocketed selling one vegan crème egg every 30 seconds. The vegan creme eggs were selling so quickly that Holland & Barrett had enormous trouble keeping them in stock.

“Whether you are vegan, reducing your dairy intake, or simply want to choose a product that's kinder to the environment and animals, our Chuckie Eggs are a welcome treat for those who are sweet-hearted as well as sweet-toothed, Our crème eggs started a vegan craze … By launching at Asda, we hope that they'll be even more popular and that we'll be able to encourage chocolate-lovers to switch to a kinder option. Better yet, they'll be available all year round—meaning there's no need to wait until Easter to enjoy a crème egg.”

Meagan Boyle, Mummy Meagz co-founder

The Mummy Meagz brand creates vegan versions of traditional favorites, including Rocky Road and honeycomb candy. 

Popular supermarket chain Asda has more than 600 locations in the UK has introduced many vegan candy offerings in recent years. In 2020, Chicago Vegan Foods (CVF) launched its Dandies vegan marshmallows at selected Asda stores. Finally, Mars released a vegan beverage inspired by its iconic Mars chocolate bars. The Mars Oat Drink is made with oat , a hint of caramel, and chocolate. 

In addition to vegan candy, Asda entire vegan section in its stores with everyday grocery items like vegan mayonnaise, cheese, butter, , along with items like vegan meat, frozen meals, and vegan , and more. 

Previously this year, they've also opened a vegan butcher counter at Watford in London. Called “Veelicious,” the vegan butcher counter offers customers a variety of vegan meats (such as bacon, meatballs, and burgers), cheeses, and prepared meals, with prices starting at 75 pence.

The supermarket created the concept after searches on its website for the term “vegan” skyrocketed by 300% in 2020 as compared to the previous years.

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