Vegan must-haves for the festival season

Vegan festival

Festival season is arriving, and whether you're attending Burning Man, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, or any of the other weekend-long music festivals taking place throughout the United States, there's one essential to having a good time: be prepared. From wearing and sharing all of the glitters to sporting some very comfortable boots, we've selected these fifteen must-have necessities for this festival season.

1. GLO Biodegradable glitter

Glitter, glitter, and glitter some more! Music festival-goers virtually leave a trail of the sparkly material in their wake, but did you know that regular glitter may take up to 500 years to biodegrade and frequently ends up in the ocean? So don't be concerned! Bio Glo is here to help with 100% biodegradable and cruelty-free glitter so you can shine bright!

2. The Revolver BumBag by Brinn 

You'll regret bringing that bag or heavy purse around with you when you're crammed into a swarm of dancing folks. Minimal, hands-free purses are the way to go, and this handcrafted waist or shoulder sling bag is so stylish that it may also be used as a fashion accessory. Strap it over your waist or use it as a crossbody purse to carry your day's needs.

3. Mineral Sunscreen by Project Reef

Sunscreen is one item you don't want to overlook during your festival weekend! Nothing is more irritating than getting a sunburn while trying to have fun. Apply freely after shaking up this non-nano zinc solution with soothing aloe and antioxidants. We like that it's a mineral sunscreen with no harmful chemicals and that each bottle helps to eliminate 1 pound of plastic garbage from the oceans.

4. Vegan Julius Boots from Mia Shoe

Although it may be tempting to complete your festival outfit with a pair of strappy sandals or stunning heels, many of these events take place in dusty, hot, and dry environments, and open-toed shoes + lots of people can be dangerous to your toes. Wear these fashionable vegan leather boots with anatomically molded footbed instead. Your feet will be grateful!

5. Glitter Eyeliner by We Are Fluide

If you're planning the perfect festival appearance, make-up will undoubtedly play a role. This highly pigmented glitter liner is available in a spectrum of colors (emerald green, electric blue, vintage orange, baby pink, and more) and is designed to last all day. This gleaming surface will not be smudged by any amount of dancing.

6. Setting Spray by Urban Decay

You'll want to keep your makeup and glitter in place because festivals are a full-day affair (sometimes continuing late into the night). There's no smearing eyeshadow or glitter trails here! This cruelty-free setting spray is perfect for hot weather and long days, keeping your look in place even after hours of dancing and strolling in the heat.

7. Love Beauty and Planet Dry 

Festivals over a weekend need to keep your hygiene regimen as basic and short as feasible. Because you are unlikely to be staying in a five-star hotel or a hip Airbnb, you may have restricted access to showers. Dry shampoo comes in as a savior in this situation. This rosehip-scented spray is designed to keep your hair looking nourished and flowing for days.

8. Metallic Vegan Leather Boots by Dr. Martens

If Western-style boots aren't your thing, try this legendary shoe company's tough-as-nails yet nonetheless feminine pink metallic leather boots. The embossed exterior provides a touch of elegant style, and these boots will be as comfortable as can be for dancing the day (and night) away once broken in.

9. Hydrating Hand Sanitizer by Olika

It's no secret that the state of the restrooms at huge events is less than ideal. And you'll want to keep your hands as clean as possible while you're surrounded by a lot of people and eating fatty cuisine all day. Olika's refillable, non-toxic sanitizing spray is manufactured from basic materials, clips onto your bag, and provides 24-hour hydration with hyaluronic acid, so you can feel good about what you're putting on your skin.

10. Hurraw's Lip Balm 

Even your lips require UVA and UVB protection from the sun's harmful rays (yes, lips can be sunburned!). This mineral-based, protecting balm has a pleasant tangerine-chamomile aroma and applies very smooth and transparent, allowing you to use it over or under your lipstick. Plus, oils keep your lips hydrated and moisturized for hours.

11. Vegan Hats by Hatsmithe

With this wide-brimmed, 100-percent polyester hat, you can make a statement while keeping your face covered from the sun. Its beautiful, handmade brim will keep your head cool and provide an extra layer of protection, which you'll appreciate when the temperature rises beyond 90 degrees.

12. Strobing Glitter Spray by IGK Hair

Glitter isn't just for the skin any longer! With this dazzling and hypnotizing spray developed exclusively for your locks, you may add a layer of radiance to your locks. This exciting spray is designed to work with all hair types and will give you a shimmering effect that will catch the strobing lights near the stage with every twist and turn, allowing you to stand out among the crowd.

13. Mineral Powder Face Sunscreen by Larkly's

Nothing is more frustrating than finding you forgot your SPF after your makeup has been completed and set to perfection. If you're vehicle camping at the event, this vegan and cruelty-free, no-grease, no-mess, and no-white tint brush-on sunscreen saves the day and is very travel-friendly. What's better? It's environmentally friendly since you can refill your container rather than buy a new one.

14. Weekender Bag by Banda Bag

Pack in style for a great weekend away! Fill this lovely, capacious, handcrafted, vegan leather bag with your festival costumes (plus all of these other items) and you'll be set to go! Its toughness, gorgeous embroidery, and dual-strap design make it a must-have for us.

15. Shower Sheets by Yuni 

These cruelty-free, portable shower sheets that wash and erase foul odors are a lifesaver after a day in the desert dust or a throng of sweaty folks. While you wipe away all of the filth of the day, fresh rose and cucumber extract hydrate dry skin.

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