Vegan Condom Sales Increased By 248% – But What Makes Them Non-Vegan in the first place?


The trend for Vegan sex products is in high demand right now, according to data from Holland & Barrett Europe’s largest wellness retailer, revealed that sales of animal-free condoms and sex toys just keep climbing. 

Vegan condom sales, lifted by 248 percent in the first week of January, compared to the weekly average.

At the same time sales of vegetable-themed sex toys like bananas or eggplants increased by 69 percent. and specifically, the corn on the cob bullet vibrator was specifically popular, with sales skyrocketing by 191 percent.

Are condoms vegan?

Plant-based food is circulating the mainstream market like never before. But as you probably understand by now the dinner table isn’t the only place animal products end up. 

Speaking to gynecologist Shawn Tassone he confirmed that latex is the material that most condoms are made from is a plant-based product. However, some latex condoms are made smoother by using casein which is a byproduct of milk. 

Condoms can also be tested on animals since are considered a medical device in many countries around the world. Many companies trial the products on rabbits, for instance, to meet testing requirements. Condom fragments are inserted into rabbits for a vaginal irritation test. Then rabbits are sacrificed, and their wombs are extracted to determine their suitability for people. 

Are vegan condoms effective?

Gynecologist Tassone assured that plant-based condoms are just as effective as non-vegan versions in terms of protecting against sexually transmitted infections and as an anti-conceptive. 

However, needs to be noticed vegan condoms might still contain harsh chemicals, such as talcum, benzocaine, or parabens.  Since condom manufacturers are not required to place ingredients listings on their products, consumers looking to avoid such ingredients may have a difficult time. 

Glyde, Sustain Natural, Sir Richards, Skyn, LOLA, Lovability, Maude, and LELO Hex are just some of the companies producing vegan-friendly condoms.

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