Making Vegan Casein From Peas Using Precision Fermentation


Dutch plant-based start-up Fooditive Group is using peas via precision fermentation to produce vegan casein. This is intended to completely eradicate industrial factory farming.

The company says it will be the first vegan casein available for the food industry.

How does it make plant-based casein?

It is done by using technology to re-create the same protein formula found in cow’s milk while being “animal-free.” It does this by copying the DNA of the beta-casein in cow’s milk.

Fooditive Group says the casein can be used to create vegan milk, cheese, yogurt, and meat.

Founder and CEO Moayad Abushokhedim said: 

“Making healthy and affordable food for everyone means that we simply need to target every aspect of our diet, and animal-free products should definitely be a part of it. 

“Delivering ingredients that have been produced sustainably is the main key to a long-lasting future that can support the growing human population.”

As of now, firms can sign up to join the “extensive” list of food developers keen to use the product. Some of them are allegedly “big players in the dairy industry.”

Fooditive will release its products in 2022 but has not confirmed a date yet.

Precision fermentation is a relatively new term, but it’s considered one of the best alternatives for the protein space within the decade.

Billionaire businessman Jim Mellon predicts it to cause the “end” to meat and dairy, provided we allocate more infrastructure to propel it.

The way we currently produce dairy and meat is resource-intensive, whereas Mellon anticipates the roll-out of factories utilizing cellular agriculture instead.

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