Subway UK Launched Vegan Bacon-wrapped Hot Dog Subs


A plant-based faux bacon-wrapped hot dog sub sandwich has arrived at select Subway locations in the United Kingdom in time for Christmas. This is a limited-time sandwich featuring a vegan sausage that comes wrapped in plant-based bacon with a hint of maple syrup glaze and is served with ketchup. As with regular orders at Subway, customers can customize their subs with all vegetable toppings and condiments. 

Subway developed the new sandwich named P.I.B.  (Plants in Blanket) will be served over a few months to offer its customer base a plant-based option to its Pig Tiger Sub, a sandwich it relaunched this holiday season that is made with animal-derived bacon and sausage. The new P.I.B. is available until December 28 or until supplies last at selected locations in West Midlands, Birmingham, Coventry, and Wolverhampton.

Vegan at Subway 

In addition to the P.I.B, Subway offers an extensive variety of plant-based options at its UK stores than anywhere else in the world. This limited-time offer joins the T.L.C. (Tastes Like ) sandwich Subway UK added to stores last year. The TLC is made to mimic the taste of Subway's roasted chicken breast strips, which the chain spent 10 years developing the soy-based . The T.L.C. is fully customizable and comes topped with Violife slices and a variety of vegetables. 

Subway is exploring other meatless options, including a Plant-Based Chicken Schnitzel. 

Which Vegan options are coming to Subway US?

The Veggie Delite has been a menu mainstay at Subway's United States locations for a long time but with no vegan added to the national menu. The chain tested a Beyond Meatball Marinara in 2019 at select US and Canada locations. But with dairy cheese (making it not vegan). 

This summer, plant-based brand Good Catch trolled Subway by giving out free vegan tuna in front of select Subway selected stores. 


In a cease and desist letter sent by Subway to Good Catch, the chain explained that it is aware that plant-based foods are in high demand and that it is working to deliver more options. “Subway is not surprised that your company believes that consumers want environmentally friendly food options,” the letter stated, noting that the chain is “adding more plant-based options to its menus to meet growing consumer demand for meat-free alternatives.”   

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