New Organic Vegan Wine Brand Is Writing The Standard On Sustainability

New Organic Vegan Wine Brand Is Writing The Standard On Sustainability
Image Credit: Kind of Wild Wines

Organic vegan brand Kind of Wild Wines recently launched in the US. The brand was created by brothers Adam and Jordan Sager, who run a importing company named Wineseller, LTD, to assist consumers in finding high-quality organic wine to be supplied directly at your home. 

Last January they set up a crowdfunding campaign to help launch the brand, and they hit their $20,000 goal within two weeks.

“For the past 40 years, we have been supplying the country’s top restaurants and shops with the world’s best and fully certified organic and wines, We’ve put in the work by solidifying long-term relationships with the world’s finest organic growers and adopting a minimal impact approach to ensure our customers can enjoy unbelievable wines that also happen to be better for the environment. It’s a win-win.”

Adam Sager

Kind of Wild supports winemakers all over the world who are committed to sustainable farming practices like improving soil health, diminishing soil erosion, keeping water and land free from chemicals, and having a positive impact on the local ecosystem. 

The brand’s menu features six wines from six different countries: one rosé, two whites, and three reds from France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Argentina, and Chile. 

All Kinds of Wild Wines are made with certified organic grew setting the stage to become the first globally sourced, certified organic, and certified vegan brand. 

“We are very conscious of our impact on the environment. For example, we chose lighter-weight, American-made glass bottles that greatly reduce the overall carbon footprint, We also use cork closures with no capsules covering the top of our bottles, and the labels on the bottles are produced from cane, linen, and hemp. Our shipping packaging is ultra-sleek and minimalist, produced from SFI certified corrugated, and is curbside recyclable. Even our [advertising] materials are recyclable and printed with vegetable inks!” 

Jordan Sager

All Kind of Wild dry goods and materials are selected using sustainable, minimal-impact criteria. 

Kind of Wild wines are available for sale through the brand’s website and can be purchased individually or through a membership subscription for monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly delivery. 

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