15 vegan women-owned companies to support

One compassionate product at a time, these kickass, women-owned, vegan businesses are changing the world.

It’s past time for us to put our money where our mouths are and support female inventors and businesses. Despite employing over 8.4 million people and producing $264 billion in payroll, female-led enterprises obtain just 16 percent of business loans compared to male-led businesses. These vegan businesses run by women are changing the game with compassionate, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products, and we’re thrilled to introduce them to you.

Image source: @oseamalibu/Instagram

1 OSEA Malibu

This ecologically minded, non-toxic, glass-bottled skincare brand, founded by Jenefer and operated by her oldest daughter Melissa Palmer as CEO, uses the therapeutic powers of seaweed to produce natural products for conscientious consumers. Their stunning and relaxing Venice Beach-based skincare studio offering facials and more has us completely smitten.

Image source: @miyokoscreamery/Instagram

2 Miyoko’s Creamery 

Is there anything this powerhouse can’t do? from making incredible, award-winning cashew-based cheese wheels to running a micro-sanctuary to fighting legislation preventing her from using the words “butter” and “cheese” on her plant-based products to traveling the country in a food truck handing out free vegan grilled cheese sandwiches?

Image source: @kinderbeautybox/Instagram

3 Kinder Beauty

This vegan and cruelty-free monthly cosmetics subscription box were founded by former Nickelodeon star Daniella Monet and former Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch. Each package contains five beautiful goods that assist customers in discovering the booming realm of natural beauty. These nice Samaritans even give a percentage of the proceeds from each package to animal rights and environmental organizations.

Image source: @julesveganfoods/Instagram

4 Jule’s Vegan Foods

Jules Van Dam was diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer in 2014 and realized she needed to make a change after two years of treatment, starting with her nutrition. She started making her decadently creamy, rind-crusted, aged vegan brie with cashews and hasn’t stopped since.

Image source: @vegetaryn/Instagram

5 Vegetaryn

Taryn Rasgon is continually developing new, punny message apparel to communicate the vegan message in a fun way, and you’ve definitely seen her lovely t-shirts and hoodies floating around Instagram. More fun ways to promote your passion for plant-based eating may be found in her gorgeous tote bags and stickers.

Image source: @abbotsbutcher/Instagram

6 Abbots Butcher

This food business employs pea protein to manufacture its vegan chicken, beef, and chorizo items, which was founded in 2016 by Kerry Song, a vegan and animal rights activist who was unsatisfied with the existing variety of meat substitutes.

Image source: @ytykmcards/Instagram

7 You think you know me?

Ami Baio, a game designer from Portland, Oregon, and a long-time vegan, devised this conversational card game to evaluate how well you know your friends, family, partners, or coworkers with prompt cards. Prepare to learn even more about the people you care about when you bring this to your next dinner party or picnic.

Image source: shopkaike/Instagram

8 Kaike Skincare

This black-owned beauty business, founded in 2015 by Keli Smith, focuses on providing simple and multi-purpose products to address a multitude of skincare concerns unique to melanated skin. After a hard day, the Melt oil-based cleanser is a blessing.

Image source: @sorbabes/Instagram

9 Sorbabes

Nicole Cardone and Deborah Gorman, both mothers, own this plant-based sorbet firm, which has been making dairy-free pints for more than seven years. These delicacies use real nuts and fruits to produce their amazingly tasty pints (and now new dipping, crispy bars!). They’re a healthier, yet still delectable, take on traditional ice cream. The Pistachio and Caramel pint is a must-try!.

Image source: @Nomadica/Instagram

10 Nomadica

This vegan-friendly wine company is situated in Los Angeles and works with small Californian wineries from the North and Central Coasts to manufacture its eco-conscious, zero-sugar canned wines, which were founded in 2017 by sommelier Kristin Olszewski and Emma Toshack.

Image source: @beetxbeet/Instagram

11 Beets x Beets

Jacky Wasserman, a graphic designer by trade, started this apparel line in 2014 after combining her enthusiasm for the vegan lifestyle with her creative abilities. This business delivers the vegan message in a variety of attractive ways, from to-the-point message apparel like “Eat Plants or Die” shirts to hopeful slogans like “The Future Is Vegan” available in kids tees.

Image source: @axiology_beauty/Instagram

12 Axiology 

Ericka Rodriguez set out to discover the ultimate cruelty-free, vegan lipstick, but when she couldn’t find one she loved, she made her own. That swiftly evolved into an all-natural lipstick and lip crayon line that employs just ten simple plant components to produce a rainbow of beautiful colors.

Image source: @inspireorganics/Instagram

13 Inspire Organics

Allison Jacobson, a Hawaiian-based former Olympic weightlifter, health coach, yoga instructor, and animal welfare activist, wants to produce the greatest plant-based energy supplement using the fresh flavors of the island’s tropical fruits. As a result, Inspire Organics, a powdered organic energy supermix, was formed! It may be added to your morning smoothies to give you an extra boost in the morning.

Image source: @herathedogvodka/Instagram

14 Hera the Dog Vodka

Allison Lange and Julia Pennington spent more than 17 years in animal rescue, including leading A Dog’s Life Rescue in Los Angeles, before deciding to enter the alcohol business as a means to give back directly to animal sanctuaries after witnessing firsthand how tough fundraising can be. A part of the earnings from each bottle is contributed to charities like sponsoring free spay/neuter days in local areas and supporting animal rescue organizations’ spay/neuter programs.

Image source: @trysourse/Instagram

15 Sourse 

These chocolate-coated nibbles, co-founded by actress Sarah Hyland and creator Jenne Moore, are plant-based, non-GMO, ethically sourced, and filled with vitamins such as biotin, plant-based collagen, and more. Moore’s experience working for several technological and renewable energy firms in San Francisco sparked her interest in the relationship between food and the environment, as well as the notion of food-based supplements.

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