Burger King To Open In Germany World’s First Meatless Burger Branch


Image Credit: Mike Mozart

The 1st meatless Burger King branch will open for a limited time this summer in Cologne, Germany. From June 7 to June 11, they will serve only plant-based meat options made by European brand The Vegetarian Butcher. 

During this time, Burger King Germany will also introduce its newest product: a plant-based version of The Long Chicken formerly known as Chicken Royale in other countries, a plant-based chicken sandwich served with vegan mayonnaise on a long sesame seed bun. 

Back in  2020, Burger King added vegan chicken nuggets made by The Vegetarian Butcher to its menu in Germany. The soy-based nuggets are offered with vegan dipping sauces. German customers can also order the Rebel Whopper at Burger King, which features a plant-based patty also made by The Vegetarian Butcher. 

Burger King will not serve meat at the Cologne branch, however, did not announce the menu will be entirely free from animal products such as dairy products (coffee, IceCream, etc.). 

The Vegetarian Butcher was acquired by Unilever in 2018 and they are planning to expand its plant-based options across 25 countries. Thus far, other than Germany, the partnership launched in Mexico, China, and growing vegan options at Burger King’s United Kingdom locations.

Last month, Burger King added the Vegan Chicken Royale and new, fully vegan, Plant-Based Whopper—to its UK outposts but it was made with egg-based mayonnaise. During the pandemic, Burger King UK relaunched the Plant-Based Whopper with vegan mayonnaise. 

In the Asia Pacific region, Burger King is working with Australian company v2Food to supply plant-based meats to its locations in South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. 

In the United States, Burger King has offered a meatless Impossible Whopper at more than 7,200 places since 2019. This burger is made with a plant-based Impossible Burger patty and served with tomatoes, onions, lettuce, non-vegan mayonnaise (which can be omitted), ketchup, and pickles on a toasted sesame seed bun. 

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