Vegan Food Sales Increased By 500% At Aldi UK This Veganuary

sales skyrocketed at Aldi UK last month, the sales increased by 500 % compared to January 2021. The discount chain credited the rise due to the popularity of the commitment to interest people in consuming food.
Also last year Aldi UK revealed that its plant-based sales leaped up by 250 % in 2021 compared to 2020.
The budget-friendly chain is expecting these sales figures to continue for the remainder of the year, since the recent expansion of its and vegetarian range.

The supermarket chain extended its plant-based offer by 50% which ignited a growing demand.
Veganuary is getting bigger and bigger around the world and people's appetite and interest in plant-based food constantly grows.
With prices starting at 55p, Aldi now offers a vast range of vegan meats, like bacon, as well as snacks, sides, ready meal dinners, and desserts. In December, the chain introduced its first white-label dairy-free cheese.

Buyers' interest didn't end as January left. The trend continues and the supermarket experiences the demand all year round of people switching to a plant-based .

Tesco UK's largest supermarket chain reported similar increases in sales and people's interest.

The company said that sales of its plant-based Wicked Kitchen products “rocketed” – with demand doubling in January compared to last year.

Image source: Nic McPhee

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