First 3d-printed Vegan Salmon

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On March 6, Austrian food tech company Revo Foods will unveil its first 3D-printed seafood product. The event will take place in Budapest Bagels in Vienna and it will be 3D-printed.

The new product named “Salmon With Attitude” looks like real smoked salmon but was developed using new technology based on 3D food printing to emulate the texture and appearance of seafood. It is made from ingredients such as pea protein, algae, and dietary fibers combined to create a base that is rich in protein, omega 3, and B12.

Vegan seafood with a mission

Revo Food’s mission is to put a stop to overfishing, the destruction of the oceans, and the absorption of all toxic waste materials such as mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in seafood. 

Revo Foods salmon is made of 11 ingredients, and it’s rich and high in and omega-3. Revo’s Salmon does not contain any heavy metals, microplastics, antibiotics, or any other waste materials found in industrial aquaculture salmon. At Revo Foods they are convinced, the future is plant-based seafood!.

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