THE SHOCKING TRUE: How Many Plastic Bottles Produced Globally In Real-Time


A short new animation film titled “Humanity’s Impact”, has been released showing us the scale of the global plastic pollution crisis. 

The film presents us with a visual representation of the enormous amount number of plastic bottles produced globally in real-time, and the number is worrying: it’s TWENTY THOUSAND bottles per second.

Released together with an AR (Augmented Reality) app, the project aims to create awareness and inspire us “humans” to take action towards a more sustainable future.

The film was produced by Studio Birthplace made film as a pilot to the film ‘Wasteminster: A Downing Street Disaster’ – Greenpeace’s new film on the plastic crisis. It’s a satirical animation, where UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is flooded with the UK’s daily export of plastic waste.

However, in Humanity’s Impact, it’s a 0s American suburb test site that is swamped in plastic. The site is populated by plastic test dummies.

Twenty thousand plastic bottles a second crash onto the cast, with bottles bursting through the kitchen window and covering (to not say drowning) all family members. 

The film uses satire to show us and make us aware of the ‘ugly side of our consumer culture. 

The film also points a finger at the advertising industry, the dummy characters look overly cheerful reminiscent of 1960’s ads. 

Its directors, Sil van der Woerd and Jorik Dozy, said: 

“We believe that comedy can be a powerful tool to help tell some of the saddest stories in our world. We created mannequin-like dummies that not only represent us but that also put up a mirror to us.  It is easier to make fun of a plastic dummy rather than a real human, after all, it’s only a dummy.”

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