Choosing a Vegan Car and Auto Accessories

Image Credit: Mazda

is not only a free from animal products, it is an entire lifestyle that goes in every aspect of our lives. And since your vehicle is an important part of your daily life, vegans want a car that suits their beliefs. Here's a guide to buying or modifying your vehicle to suit a lifestyle.


If you're choosing a new car, usually entry-level and base-trim models lack upholstery and/or leather wrapping on the steering wheel and gear shifter. Cloth seats are an option. However, if we're looking for something a little more stylish, take Alcantara-trimmed seating that can be found in Mazda models. It's a soft, vegan-friendly substitute that provides the same feel as genuine leather.

Also, consider what the floor mats are made of. Some floor mats have a leather backing or contain mohair, which is a type of sourced from the goat. Vegan alternatives include synthetic materials, rubber, or alternatives from specialty manufacturers.


Image Credit: Mazda

Tires contain animal-derived ingredients. Stearic acid, derived from animal stomachs, is used to give tires their strength and flexibility. Luckily for vegan drivers, some brands have committed to using plant-sourced stearic acid. Michelin has made its entire lineup vegan-friendly, while Goodyear offers vegan options.

And while it's not strictly a vegan issue, why not buying a hybrid or electric model, you can both help the environment and cut down your gas budget.

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