Stella McCartney created first world’s mushroom leather clothing

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Vegetarian fashion designer Stella McCartney is the first in the world to create and launch the first items of a future collection of clothing and accessories made from Mylo Mycelium an leather alternative.

Mylo was created by Bolt Threads and is basically mushroom leather as it is made using mycelium. Mycelium is an underground root system used by fungi. The Mycelium is in constant renovation, which makes it completely sustainable and the perfect alternative to animal leather.

Companies like Adidas created a line of shoes and trainers using mycelium back in January, Stella’s new collection will be the first time the material has been used for clothing. 

Stella McCartney has created two garments made from Mylo. These are a black bustier top and utilitarian trousers, influenced by Stella’s signature dichotomy of feminine and masculine attitudes.

To produce Mylo in a lab, scientists recreated the forest floor by using organic matter, air, and water. This process takes days rather than years to raise cattle.

Stella McCartney believes that her customers should never have to compromise luxury desirability for sustainability, and Mylo™️allows her to make that a reality. By creating exclusive garments to innovate a kinder fashion industry with beautiful, luxurious materials and cruelty-free materials.

“Mylo can make a significant positive impact on our planet”

“Creating new, high-quality biomaterials is a major technological challenge and a massive opportunity for people and the planet.

“I am incredibly grateful and humbled by Stella and her team for their long-term partnership and support in bringing Mylo™️to the world.

“The material used in these two garments not only represents a huge step forward in both aesthetics and performance of biomaterials but also marks the beginning of the rollout of product-ready Mylo™️.

“This is tangible progress toward large-scale production where Mylo™️can make a significant positive impact on our planet.”

Dan Widmaier, CEO and founder of Bolt Threads

The Stella McCartney mycelium clothing line is not yet for sale, but the designer will incorporate Mylo into her future seasonal collections.

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