Earth day is coming and we have 6 vegan brands up their sustainability efforts

Vegan companies including Ripple, Forager, Beyond Meat, Future Farm, and Veggie Grill are stepping up their efforts to aid the environment by demonstrating that plant-based alternatives are healthier for the environment than meat and dairy.

Vegan companies all over the world are commemorating Earth Day this week by stepping up their environmental efforts to protect the earth even more. While vegan meat and dairy products are already healthier for the environment because they use fewer resources and have a smaller environmental footprint, many businesses are working to raise awareness about the effect of our food choices, limit climate change, and ensure our global food supply. These six firms’ eco-initiatives assist establish a cleaner future by pushing for improved environmental regulations with strong statements and encouraging consumers to switch from dairy milk to pea milk.

Trading with Dairy Milk 

Ripple is holding a one-of-a-kind, in-person “Milk Turn-In” event during May to allow consumers to trade in their empty milk or other dairy-alternative brand containers for recycling in exchange for a free bottle of Ripple. The initiative tries to persuade customers to forego dairy, which contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Ripple’s plant-based milk, protein shakes, half-and-half, and frozen desserts are made from yellow peas, a component with a lower environmental impact than dairy and certain dairy substitutes.

“We want to spread the word about Ripple—which customers regard as the “best plant-based milk”—and educate people about Ripple’s unique advantages creatively and enjoyably,” says the company. Ripple Foods CEO Laura Flanagan stated in a statement. “Ripple milk offers the same amount of protein as dairy milk and more protein than ordinary almond and oat milk, all while providing customers with the creamy flavor and texture they want.”

Live events in New York City (May 3), Los Angeles (May 12), and Austin, TX will be part of the in-person trade-in effort (May 21). Visitors will be able to taste a range of Ripple products as well as trade in empty milk or dairy-alternative brand container for a free 48-ounce full-sized bottle of Ripple. Anyone in the United States may also participate electronically by visiting Ripple’s Instagram for a chance to win free goods and other prizes during May.

“By putting our money where our mouth is—giving consumers a no-cost opportunity to sample Ripple so they can see and taste the difference for themselves,” Flanagan added.

Vegan burgers promote sustainability.

Beyond Meat is giving away free Beyond Burgers at their bespoke ride-thru in Toronto, ON, in honor of Earth Day. This one-day event is part of a broader national campaign launching this month across North America, involving a celebrity and public personalities who are assisting consumers in making the link between their food choices and the environment.

The campaign and unique ride-thru are designed to close this knowledge gap and show that change can begin on our plates with a more sustainable protein alternative. According to the firm, a quarter-pound typical beef burger produces 90 percent fewer GHGs and uses 99 percent less water, 93 percent less land, and 43 percent less energy to create than a Beyond Burger.

Tofurky advocates for policy reform.

Tofurky is also marketing plant-based burgers in honor of Earth Day. Americans consume 50 billion hamburgers every year, with animal production accounting for 15% of global emissions—equivalent to all modes of transportation on the planet.

Tofurky is also marketing plant-based burgers in honor of Earth Day. Americans consume 50 billion hamburgers every year, with animal production accounting for 15% of global emissions—equivalent to all modes of transportation on the planet. Tofurky believes that a shift to plant-based burgers and regulatory reforms will aid in the resolution of some of the world’s climate problems.

This month, the company is lobbying for better environmental regulations by including strong words on the packaging of its Plant-Based Burgers like “Climate change impacts everyone” and “Talk to your lawmakers about climate change.” Dial (202) 324-3121.” QR codes are also included on the products, which direct customers to extra information.

Visitors may register to vote, discover representative phone numbers and text services, sign commitments, and obtain scripts for contacting policymakers about climate change.                    

A carbon-neutral burger by Future Farm

With the debut of its carbon-neutral Future Burger, Brazilian plant-based protein company Future Farm is taking its dedication to the environment to the next level. When you buy a Future Burger in any of the 28 countries where it’s offered, including the United States, Climate Partner offsets 100 percent of the carbon emissions—from growing the crops to disposing of the packaging at your home.

This means Future Farm has gone further and above by calculating its carbon emissions, reducing them where feasible, and offsetting the ones that can’t be avoided through Climate Partner’s carbon offset initiatives. Future Farm’s goal with this effort is to offset emissions by averting Amazon deforestation in the brand’s native nation of Brazil, the world’s largest beef exporter.

Brands make big statements on Earth Day.

Creamery made from plants The Forager Project is promoting dialogue and consumer action on the problem of global health and its direct link to the food we eat. This month, the business debuted limited-edition packaging with the words “Eat Organic Vegan Food & Help Save Our Planet” prominently displayed on the foils of all of its spoonable cashew milk yogurts, which are sold in over 10,000 locations throughout the country.

Stephen Williamson, co-founder, and CEO of Forager Project devised and inspired this packaging upgrade to further his enthusiasm for environmental protection. Forager Project is built on his devotion to organic, plant-based cuisine, and it was crucial to him that the firm takes a position to demonstrate its concept of being conscious of the food we consume for the benefit of the environment.

Fast food helping the environment

Traditional fast food, with all of its harmful meat and dairy, is not a smart way to appreciate the environment. This is why Veggie Grill, a vegan fast-food restaurant, is commemorating Earth Month with a slew of new activities. On VG Rookie Day, the company, together with its Stand-Up Burgers and Más Veggies brands, is assisting plant-based novices in expanding their horizons (April 25). A BOGO lunch will be given to any customer who brings a vegan first-timer to any Veggie Grill-operated establishment on that day. 

With their VG Classic Burger, Veggie Grill is also helping the environment. During April, a percentage of the sales from the menu item will be donated to Grades of Green, an organization that provides young people with skills and resources to help them build a greener future.

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