Global Searches For Vegan Seafood Skyrocket As Seaspiracy Hits No.1 On Netflix

worldwide searches have vastly increased as the anti-fishing documentary “Seaspiracy” hits number one Netflix. 

The film shows the ‘war being waged across the oceans and the damage being done by the fishing industry's environmental impacts on marine life.

Since its debut, Seaspiracy has attracted massive global media attention and seems to be influencing and changing people's perception of seafood.

According to Google Trends, worldwide searches for the term ‘ seafood' skyrocketed over the last 12 months, with a significant pick in last week. This coincides with the Netflix launch of Seaspiracy. 

The US has shown the most interest in vegan seafood, with a 100 percent increase over the last year followed by Australia with an 83 percent surge and the UK with a 45 percent increase.

Searches for vegan seafood have also increased in the last 12 months: by 100 percent in Singapore, and Canada by 46%. 

Seaspiracy‘s success it's attributed to the support it has received from celebrities such as  Rock Legend Bryan Adams recommending his 655,600 Twitter followers to ‘watch Seaspiracy on Netflix' and ‘stop killing.

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