Ruby Rose (Batwoman) Urges Her Followers To Watch Seaspiracy

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Image Credit: Roby Adweek, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Australian model, actress, and former Batwoman Ruby Rose is urging her fanbase to watch Seaspiracy.

The former Batwoman star watched the documentary, produced by Cowspiracy’s Kip Andersen, to her 16.1 million Instagram followers

She asked on a post: “Watch Seaspiracy on Netflix. It’s heartbreaking and I’ve shown you a taste because I didn’t want to show graphic images. But, please watch it.”

Rose joins hundreds of celebrities and influencers who have praised the documentary that exposes the ‘war being waged on the world’s oceans.

Other celebrities such as  Chelsea star Lucy Watson penned a series of Tweets after watching the film – which she described as ‘incredibly eye-opening’. 

“Regardless of being or not… It’s a concern for everyone that the oceans are protected,” she wrote.

“In order for them to thrive, serious changes need to be made. Eating fish is not and cannot be sustainable. 

“Every time you eat fish you’re likely killing many other sea creatures such as dolphins, turtles, and whales. It’s the harsh reality and we ass consumers can make a difference.

“I’ve said this before, but even when you go snorkeling – you can see how much of a difference there is. The fish are disappearing because we’re killing them. It’s that simple.”

Iconic musician Bryan Adams also urged his 655,600 Twitter followers to watch Seaspiracy, urging: “Stop killing fish.”

Other stars backing the documentary include Dr. Alex George – who told his 1.9. million Instagram followers: “Genuinely pretty shocked watching Seaspiracy. 

“We all need to think carefully about eating fish. Shocked to see. that many of the labels claiming to guarantee the protection of marine life such as dolphins apparently aren’t doing so.”

Netflix debut

Seaspiracy hit the Top Ten in the US, UK, and 30 other countries after debuting on Netflix. Filmmakers and directors Ali and Lucy Tabrizi took to Instagram to express their gratitude. 

The couple said: “It’s given us a lot of hope and faith to see people are ready for the truth about what it takes to save our oceans.”

Despite its roaring success, the film received heavy criticism from the fishing industry before its released and branded as propaganda.

Moreover, the organization urged Netflix to create a separate tab for ‘ propaganda’ films and conspiracy theories, separate from other documentaries.

In a letter sent to the streaming service, the NFI voiced that it expected the documentary to promote ‘propaganda over facts’.

From my point of view even if half of what’s shown in the documentary we are doomed as the human race.

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