Vegans Perform Better

Recent research shows that two-thirds of vegans report an increase in sexual performance measurement after switching to a diet.

The data from a survey of 5,000 vegans across the world reveals how making the switch to a has impacted their sexual enjoyment and performance, over two thirds the interviewed (67%) have experienced this increase in their sexual performance and enjoyment after making the switch to a diet.

In particular, vegan men were most likely to notice a difference. 7 in 10 (71%) men reported a boost, in contrast to 59% of vegan women.

These findings are consistent with a study by Dr. Aaron Spitz who witnessed a significant boost in strength and duration of erections for male athletes who took part in a controlled test to measure the impact of a vegan diet.

These findings are likely to contribute further to the continued rise of veganism and plant-based diets across the globe, for sure it’s another excellent reason for ditching animal products and choosing at every meal since it seems very clear that this can impact our sex-life in the bedroom.

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