Beyond’s Meatless Chicken Arrives at KFC


For the last couple of weeks, the world of vegan food news is getting exciting from the previous week with no exception. This week’s headlines were conquered by fast-food chains and for good reason: KFC is finally serving vegan at its locations across the US; recently launched nuggets across the UK; and Domino’s UK is celebrating Veganuary with the launch of Vegan PepperoNAY, its first vegan pepperoni pizza. 

This Veganuary we have a person signing every 2.5 seconds, to join a healthy vegan LifeStyle. 

KFC adds meatless nationwide

After two years in development, the day has finally come: vegan fried is now at KFC. Available at its 4,000 locations nationwide. This option is made in a joint venture with Beyond Meat and features all the flavors of KFC’s famous chicken but without any animal products. 

KFC’s big news is not the only vegan -related launch happening this week. Canadian chain Mary Brown’s also got into the chicken with the launch of Lightlife’s vegan tenders, 

Over in the UK, KFC’s vegan burger—was temporarily removed from the menu after COVID hit. But, KFC has reintroduced the much-loved burger to its UK locations just in time for Veganuary. 

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