This Spring, a new vegan dating app is set to make waves

Vegpal, a freshly established vegan and vegetarian dating app, is expected to make significant waves in the plant-based world this year.

After Veganuary 2022, and now that spring is arriving in the next couple of weeks, prospective vegans throughout the world will be seeking methods to keep on track with their new lifestyle and find a matching soulmate with the same views.

Vegans must learn plant-based alternatives to animal-based meals, as well as appealing cooking, dining out, and how to acquire the appropriate nutrients. Then there’s vegan apparel, cleaning supplies, and skincare to think about.

But how about meeting a vegan soulmate?

Dating may not be at the top of a newly minted vegan’s or vegetarian’s app download list, but as their ideals and love for plant-based living increase, so may their choice for a companion with similar interests.

With over 500,000 vegans and 1.2 million vegetarians in the UK, it’s no surprise that traditional dating apps are beginning to include vegan and vegetarian choices. However, the vast majority of users on these applications do not live a plant-based diet. This is a deal-breaker for some vegans and vegetarians when it comes to romantic relationships.

This is when the Vegpal App enters the picture.

Animal rights activists have created a dating app.

Dahlia and Sravan, two animal rights activists from Boston, developed the smartphone app Vegpal to provide a dating network just for vegans and vegetarians. Dissatisfied with their dating experiences outside of the plant-based community, they saw the need for a location where vegans could meet, connect, and date people who shared their values and lifestyle.

The vegan community was the inspiration for the app’s creation. Infused with the colors of the vegan flag, Vegpal has a basic yet beautiful user interface meant to provide members with a pleasant experience.

Vegetarians and vegans in the dating scene

Eating together is an important element of every relationship because dating frequently comprises meals, coffee dates, and lunches. According to an inclusive study of Europeans and Americans, more than 70% of singles prefer a restaurant for a first date, while a coffee shop or café is another popular option. Relationship bonding and eating and drinking go hand in hand, but for vegans and vegetarians, this may be a hindrance.

Dahlia, the founder of Vegpal, discovered this. She has turned off meeting omnivores via dating apps. “I got tired of scrolling through photographs of fishing adventures and sitting next to people eating dead animals,” Dahlia explained.

According to a SpeedDater poll, 27 percent of vegans and vegetarians have had a partner’s eating choices lead to the termination of a relationship. For most vegans and vegetarians, it’s more than simply a diet; it’s a way of life.

It seems to reason that a lifestyle-specific dating app may assist people in finding a match who shares their beliefs.

It’s important to have mutual interests.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of dating is discussing common interests.

The stimulation of these interactions is an essential component of the Vegpal experience. Vegpal users can submit anything of interest to them, similar to how Facebook users might share a message or link on their personal page. It may be the most recent vegan podcast they listened to, a book, a YouTube video, or images of a marathon they’re running.

The concept of Vegpal’s one-of-a-kind “My Feed” feature was to allow users to showcase their personalities and hobbies, resulting in more fascinating interactions.

Dahlia described how they were able to blend social media and a dating profile to enable individuals to strike up meaningful discussions. “You can only know so much about someone from their profile metrics, and that doesn’t necessarily make for interesting conversation.”

Online dating security and safety

Vegpal was designed with safety in mind. Users must complete a mini-application procedure after downloading the program. This assists the app’s crew in identifying fraudsters, trolls, and carnivores. It provides members with a sense of security and assists them in avoiding time wasters.

According to a 2020 Pew Research Centre study, many women face harassment on dating services and apps. Fifty-seven percent reported receiving sexually explicit communications or photographs that they had not requested.

Quality trumps quantity.

Vegpal prioritizes creating quality relationships for members over numbers. Unlike most dating apps, Vegpal restricts daily swipes to foster an environment where each “like” is deliberate. “It’s not about infinite scrolling and endless faces,” Dahlia explained, “it’s about quality talks and connections.”

Vegpal aims to be an ethical player in the dating market, moving away from the idea of online dating as a pseudo-marketplace where individuals shop for possible companions in the same way they shop for a new phone or television.


Inclusion is a critical component of any community, and Vegpal goes out of its way to ensure that its software welcomes everyone in the plant-based world.

One of its founders’ core values was to assure LGBTQIA+ representation. They accomplished this by speaking with members of various communities while developing the app to determine the best way to include everyone and make them feel seen.

Vegpal has gender categories that allow users to express their identity while having the highest chance of being matched.

Making vegan friends, rather than simply soul mates

The concept of Vegpal is to foster meaningful interactions, which is mirrored in the latest feature, which will be available very soon.

According to VegansBay News, plans are in the works for Vegpal to develop a “friendship” feature. The goal is to provide users with a method to make non-romantic relationships with like-minded people both locally and abroad.

Vegpal might be the answer to meeting like-minded people and developing a vegan friendship network for those looking to get into the dating scene.

Joining Vegpal is completely free.

For further information, go to the Vegpal website or download the app from Google Play ( ) or Apple’s App Store ( ).

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