Anti-Vegan Lifestyle Brand Launches So People Can Be‘Proud’ To Eat Meat


Bodybuilder James Kennedy launched an anti-vegan lifestyle brand. Kennedy launched the label “Not Vegan Friendly”, to make a loud and clear statement: “I’m proud not be a vegan,” he said.

On the brand’s website, Kennedy shows more than 20 years of experience as a fitness trainer and professional where he is proud to declare he has transformed thousands of people’s bodies.

Kennedy developed a “strong scientific stance against the tyranny of veganism,” reads the website, but he does not specify what aspects of veganism he is scientifically against, or the reason why.

 Kennedy said: 

“I wanted to create a brand which is very clearly not suitable for vegans and make an unequivocal statement that I’m proud not to be a vegan.”

Mr. Kennedy considers that Vegans are a very loud and often noisy minority, however, data shows a different reality, only three percent of the UK population are vegans so carnivores need to stand up for the vast majority of people who eat meat.

The Not Vegan-Friendly shop stocks supplements, including “Fat Burning Juice.” The shop also offers meal replacements: Rump Formula for men and Hump Formula for women. 

The website and shops include clothing and accessories with distinct anti-vegan slogans. The company said the products are meant to become a “social politically incorrect grenade.”

Kennedy said in a video. 

“I’ve created Not Vegan Friendly to provide a simple, effective lifestyle strategy to help transform your body. Taking the guesswork out of nutrition, making a plan far more specific for your needs,” 

Driving his anti-vegan message home, the website features a large image of a scantily “300 Style” Kennedy with devil horns and wings. He appears to be standing in flames looking contemplatively into the distance. 

“The creator and leader,” the site says about Kennedy. “Not all heroes wear capes.”

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