Why vegan junk food may be even worse for your health

Vegan junk food is anything that’s low in nutrients but high in sugar and fat, and usually processed, without animal-derived ingredients. Some vegans regularly consume vegan junk food, which may not be healthy. Vegan junk food can include burgers, chips, cookies, doughnuts, cakes, ice cream, and more. There are also vegan junk food recipes that can be made at home, such as cauliflower gyros and tacos with BBQ soy strips and avocado cream. Vegan junk food can be enjoyed in moderation or for special occasions.

However, it is important to note that vegan junk food may not be healthy as it is low in nutrients but high in sugar and fat. In a meta-analysis of research of iron deficiency in vegetarians, vegans and omnivores, vegans (and in particular women) come out as the highest risk group. One study found that 25% of vegans had iron deficiency anemia.

Vegan junk food could be classified the same as regular junk food: highly processed foods that are usually high in sugar and fat. The only difference here is that vegan junk food doesn’t contain any animal products like meat, dairy, or gelatin, but it’s just as bad for you as the original kind1.

While there is some overlap between vegan and regular junk foods, vegan junk food isn’t inherently healthier for you than regular junk food. Plenty of foods on PETA’s list show that many vegan junk foods are the same as traditional junk food.

Vegan junk food can include burgers, chips, cookies, doughnuts, cakes, ice cream, and more. The ingredients of vegan junk food are usually processed and high in sugar and fat.

Here are five popular vegan junk food restaurants:

  1. Chipotle: Chipotle is a vegan fast food paradise because the tortillas, vegetables, rice, salsas, chips and guacamole are all vegan.
  2. Taco Bell: When ordering vegan fast food at Taco Bell, remember two keywords: al fresco.
  3. Burger King: When it comes to the best vegan fast food options, the King has you covered.
  4. Starbucks: Starbucks has a variety of vegan options including drinks and snacks.
  5. Subway: Subway has a variety of vegan options including the Veggie Delite sandwich

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