Violife Launched A Vegan Snack Cheese in UK

Image Credit: Violife

Internationally acclaimed Greek brand Violife just launched a mini version of its best-seller EPIC Mature Cheddar Blocks. 

The new product is only available in snack-sized 40 gr. servings at the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s across the United Kingdom as a worldwide prelaunch. These Minis are being offered as a snacking solution to keep in handbags, gym bags, and school lunch boxes. Like all other Violife products they’re free from allergens, preservatives, and fortified with Vitamin B12.

The new product is part of Violife’s EPIC range, which includes cheddar-flavored blocks and shreds and  Cheddar-flavored blocks (mature, smoked, and garlic & chili). The brand also offers other cheese blocks, slices, spreads, and wedges in various popular flavors. 

Earlier this month, Violife launched its first summer barbecue which included three varieties of vegan cheeses: The Mediterranean Block (which can be grilled); Greek White (a feta-style cheese for Greek salads or together with Water Melon); and BBQ Slices (which pairs well with patties). 

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