New Vegan Magnum With Hazelnut Flavor And Mini Snack Bars


brand Magnum is expanding its dairy-free ice line with two exciting new options. First, the new flavor: Non-Dairy Hazelnut Crunch Bars. These new bars feature a hazelnut ice cream base with salted caramel swirled inside, and dipped in caramelized hazelnuts and non-dairy chocolate.

Nicole Towner, the US Brand Manager of Magnum ice cream, said.

“Our award-winning Magnum ice cream Non-Dairy frozen dessert bars are made with Belgian chocolate, expertly crafted with a cracking shell and a velvety non-dairy base,” 

“The new Magnum Non-Dairy bars deliver the indulgence expected from the chocolatiers of ice cream. Master chocolatiers source cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms and pair it with a deliciously creamy base made with a blend of oil and pea protein, a delicious alternative to dairy.”

In addition to the new Hazelnut Crunch flavor, Magnum is releasing ice cream bars which were previously only available in dairy varieties. The new Magnum Non-Dairy MINI Variety Pack will feature three mini bars of Classic and Almond vegan flavors.

“We listened to Magnum ice cream fans who loved our award-winning non-dairy offerings and wanted to provide more indulgent options to choose from including the MINI bars and variety packs that are evolving into a popular snackable trend,” 

Towner said.

The Magnum Non-Dairy Hazelnut Crunch Bars will retail or USD 4.50 to USD 5 per three-bar pack) and the Magnum Non-Dairy MINI Variety Pack for USD 5.30 to USD 5.50 for a six-pack. 

Magnum launched in the US in 1989 as the first “adult” ice cream bar, its first flavors were released in Europe and Australia. In 2019, Magnum brought its vegan ice cream bars to its production line with Classic and Almond flavors. 

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