Top Fruits And Vegetables To Dehydrate

Dehydrating is an excellent way to store fruits or for longer and posterior use even when they are out of season.  Below is a list of the top fruits that you can easily dehydrate and enjoy anytime.   


They are very nutritious and low in calories high in antioxidants and have amazing health benefits for the eyes and skin.  


Sweet and they are perfect to use on baked goodies or smoothies.  Make sure that you always have a stack of these by dehydrating them for longer use, better cut in thin slices. You will not stop eating them.


They can be dehydrated and returned back to their original state by simply adding water. 


They are a sweet addition to any snack, salad, baked goodies, and more.  Dehydrating apples means you will always have one handy for times when you need to add something sweet to your snack or dishes. 


These are my favorite, they can turn into an energy-boosting snack when dehydrated.  Sprinkle them with a dash of or enjoy them straight out of the bag. 

Raspberries and Blueberries 

They are filled with antioxidants and essential vitamins and nutrients.  These are a great addition to cereals, muesli, or any baked goodies.


Extremely tasty and versatile.  Dehydrate cherries and keep them handy in your pantry just in case you need a sweet and tasty ingredient to liven up your dessert, drinks, or dishes.


This is probably my second favorite after Strawberries since they can be used in so many ways.  Besides cooking, they can be mushed into powder to make homemade ketchup or use it as a base for pasta and sauces.


The original Honey from the Bible. They can be combined with other dehydrated fruits like apples and they can turn into mouthwatering dishes and desserts. Blend them with Cocoa Powder, and Oil and you can create Vegan Chocolate Truffles.

Aside from fruits, the most common vegetables that can easily dehydrate includes beets, carrots, cucumbers, , potato, and .

Make sure that you are using the best equipment to dehydrate your vegetables and fruits.  

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