Intelligentsia Coffee Brand Just Launched A 100 % Vegan Latte With Oatly

Image Credit: Intelligentsia

‘Windy City” based brand Intelligentsia is entering the drink category with a line of fully beverages. Back in 2016, it was the first American brand to offer Oatly vegan as an option at its coffee shops in Chicago.

The is 13% of allIntelligentsia's drink orders. To give customers what they want, Intelligentsia launches its ready-to-drink line with two Oatly-based lattes: Oat Latte and Spiced Oat Latte, which features , ginger, , and orange along with Cold Brew Coffee.

“One thing we said during the process of creating our ready-to-drink beverages was that we didn't want to put drinks on the market just to keep up with everyone else, we wanted to enter this category with outstanding offerings that showcase Intelligentsia's dedication to quality,”

James McLaughlin, CEO of Intelligentsia Coffee

Intelligentsia's first RTD line is available online on the brand's website and at selected coffee bar locations in Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; and New York City, NY. Its price is only $3.99 for an 11-ounce tetra pack. 

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