Hugh Jackman’s Coffee Chain Is Expanding Into New York With A Vegan Cafe

The Laughing V provides baked goods such as cakes and pastries in addition to robust vegan cuisine such as macaroni and cheese..

The actor Hugh Jackman, is the founder of Laughing Man Coffee, a company that recently launched a new store in New York that is vegan.

Jackman established Laughing Man to assist farmers located all over the world. More than ten years ago, he traveled to Ethiopia and struck up a conversation with a young coffee farmer there. Tribeca and Battery Park are home to the chain’s two locations in the city of New York.

Laughing V is the name of the new cafe and store that can be found in the Tribeca neighborhood. Lauren Evans, who is a vegan and a cook, is in charge of running it.

Evans is quite enthusiastic about expanding the availability of solutions in the surrounding area. When she pitched her concepts for a vegan menu at Laughing Man Coffee, she got the attention of the brothers David and Barry Steingard, who were the co-founders of the company.

Next door to Laughing Man is Laughing V, a that serves traditional comfort food such as vegan macaroni & cheese and Philly cheesesteaks, in addition to baked goods such as and cakes.

New York City’s vegan dining options

The city of New York is taking steps to become more vegan-friendly. In the past year, the well-known shop Gregorys has expanded its menu to include a plant-based egg burrito that is created using JUST Egg. And also in 2021, the famed Eleven Madison Park, which had earned a Michelin star, decided to stop serving meat permanently.

The reopened in June of this past year with a menu consisting mostly of plant-based items.

Chef Daniel Humm expressed his surprise at how “freeing” the move turned out to be at the time, saying that he had anticipated it to be more limiting.

In a statement, he added, “It’s time to redefine luxury as an experience that serves a higher purpose and preserves a genuine connection to the community.”

“Your experience at a is about more than the food that’s served to you. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the wonderful variety of flavors and textures that can be achieved through plant-based cooking while also strengthening our bond to our homes—both the city and the earth.”

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