Carrot Patties


Carrot are so delicious that it is simply impossible to stop eating… A for pancakes that are suitable with the meal or eaten as soon as they are ready. You can play with the flavors, add different or herbs – you just have to prepare and enjoy


6 medium carrots
6 cloves of crushed
6 tablespoons peanut butter
2 cups thin oats
1 teaspoon salt
Frying oil


Chop the carrots on a fine grater or in a food processor.
Mix with the rest of the ingredients until a uniform mixture is obtained.
With wet hands form about 15 balls and then flatten into patties.
Fry in a pan until browned on both sides, about 7 minutes on each side, or bake in the oven on baking paper (without oil) for about 15 minutes on each side.

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