Nestlé is Launching a New Plant-Based Pea Milk

Image Credit: Nestle

Nestlé is launching next week s new range of pea milk to UK stores next week branded as  Wunda.

The Wunda range is made from a of yellow peas from and Belgium, Nestle assures that they offer a ‘strong nutritional value’ compared to similar products on the market.

The range is high in fiber, low in and fat, and it is enriched with calcium. Peas are a source of vitamins D, B2, and B12.

Customers in the UK and Ireland will be able to find the products in Tesco and Coop stores at the end of June, each 950ml carton has a tag price of £1.90.

Wunda’s launch is part of a wider aim of making milk alternatives popular among people who enjoy dairy.

“We want to offer a drink that tastes great and makes using a milk alternative a tasty, positive, no-compromise experience that is good for you and good for the planet”

Honza Dusanek, Managing Director of Food and Dairy at Nestlé’s UK and Ireland

Moreover, the brand is looking to ‘disrupt the market’ and ‘offer something different to what’s already on the shelves’.

In Europe, the brand said it was already witnessing a ‘quiet revolution’ in the dairy sector.

The milk industry is expanding and that includes one of the industry’s leaders, Oatly.

The Swedish brand announced plans to open a new factory in the UK and it will be one of the largest factories worldwide.

Additionally, another renowned brand renown designer and businesswoman  Linda McCartney will be launching plant-milks in the UK this summer.

Competition is rife, however.

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