5 vegan-friendly beach towns you need to visit

We are counting down the days till summer begins and can’t wait to hit the waves and start making plans for our next trip to a vegan beach town.

There are times when you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax on the beach while basking in the warm rays of the sun and eating plant-based food. We have produced a list of five coastal towns that are hotter than ever before, where you can soak up some rays while indulging in some fantastic plant-based cuisine, from coast to coast. Grab your vegan sunscreen with an SPF of 50 and your sunglasses with cat-eye frames, and let this guide serve as the jumping-off point for your next trip to the beach.

  1. Santa Cruz, CA

This collegiate and hippy town, during the summer months, is a popular destination for tourists. It is located about 90 minutes south of San Francisco. This city’s most popular tourist destinations include a boardwalk that is packed with old-school arcade games and carnival rides, as well as groovy concerts held on the beach during the height of the summer season. Santa Cruz is becoming more familiar with vegan cuisine thanks to the proliferation of popular restaurants and grocery stores that cater to vegans, such as the Sri Lankan restaurant Malabar, the all-vegan West African-influenced Veg on the Edge, and the grocery shop Staff of Life. In addition, there is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables available at the weekly farmers’ markets, which come from the numerous farms in the area. On your way out of town, make one last stop at Dharma’s, which serves organic, farm-to-table cuisine, then head in the direction of Capitola.

  1. New Jersey’s Asbury Park

Asbury Park is a favorite location for local beach bunnies and beach bros due to its proximity to New York City, which is only an hour and a half away. At the Twisted Tree Cafe, where vegan-friendly options such as a tempeh Reuben and creamy coconut berry smoothie are available, you can begin your expedition with a revitalizing smoothie and a nourishing meal. After that, take a walk along the boardwalk, which is filled with tourists, before proceeding to Cookman Creamery to sample vegan ice cream varieties including blueberry biscoff and chocolate banana. The nightlife in Asbury Park is an experience that should not be missed because it features a large number of local singers and artists. Crust & Crumble is a local pizzeria that serves a variety of vegan-friendly Italian dishes. Have dinner there before going out to one of the many pubs in the area, such as Wonder Bar, which is famous for welcoming dogs. Live outdoor music may be found at the famed music venue The Stone Pony, which has hosted legendary rock acts such as Bruce Springsteen and The Doors. When you believe you’ve had enough, head over there.

  1. San Diego, CA

There is a strong argument that San Diego is the most vegan-friendly city in California. At the beginning of your vacation, stop at Lotus Cafe and Juice Bar for a tofu scramble and a freshly squeezed juice before beginning your walk along the cliffside of the Bay Walk. You can have your lunch at Veganic Thai Cafe, which features dishes such as imitation duck curry and veggie tempura on the menu. Take an all-vegan cooking class at Veg-Appeal if you’re searching for a fun and foodie-approved activity. If you’d rather eat while sitting in your car, visit the drive-thru at Evolution and then proceed to the beach to watch the sunset. Visit the vegan restaurant and cocktail bar Kindred after dinner. They serve up creative vegan drinks with amusing names like “Zombie Prescription” and “Kiss of Steel,” which are the perfect way to wind off a vegan day. Even better? Loving Hut, Veggie Grill, and Native Foods Café are just a few of the well-known vegan restaurants that can be found in San Diego. In the Grossmont Center food court, you won’t want to miss the vegan Mexican food at El Veganito, the comfort food mainstay Veg’n Out, or the vegan bakery Split Bakehouse, which is entirely plant-based.

  1. Florida, Cocoa Beach

The surfers’ paradise that is known as Cocoa Beach is a crowd favorite among those who are in the know about where to find the best waves in the Florida Keys, but any beach town in the Florida Keys is worth a visit. It is not hard to understand why: not only are the views of the ocean breathtaking, but the food is also delicious and healthy. Wraps, bagels, and acai bowls are some of the most important items on the menu at the artsy local café known as The Surfinista, which is also an eclectic art gallery, and a surf shop, and a health-conscious eatery. After you have finished your dinner, you can go on a tour of the Ron Jon Surf Shop, and then whenever the mood strikes, you can grab your surfboard and head out onto the sea. Next, make your way to The Green Room Café, an organic and vegan-friendly restaurant with a soothing yellow-and-blue décor that offers the right backdrop to a tropical menu featuring acai and limitless bowl combo options such as the Big Surf Bowl (featuring pineapples, strawberries, and guava juice).

  1. Lahaina, Maui

Lahaina is a picturesque town on the island of Maui that is encircled by many beaches that have sands that are golden-white in color and offer magnificent views of whales. Head downtown, where there is a wide variety of dining alternatives, to give your body the nutrition it needs before channeling your inner Moana. Kale salad, Buddha bowls, cashew chèvre topped raw pizzas, and more can all be found on the extensive menu at Choice Health Bar, which features only organic and locally sourced ingredients. Visit Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice if you are in the area with your children. They provide more than forty different flavors and combinations of shave ice, which is a uniquely Hawaiian delicacy. On a romantic evening, take your sweetheart to the rooftop patio at Fleetwood’s on Front Street for a glass of wine or a refreshing beer while taking in the view of the sparkling Pacific Ocean. If you’re wondering why the name seems familiar, it’s because Mick Fleetwood, drummer, and co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, is the owner of the company.

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