You Can Now Pay With Bitcoin For Your Veggies

Canada-based retailer and online store Supply now accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. They are offering this payment option to reduce all barriers in shopping for vegan goods. 

Vegan Supply is the largest Vegan Supplier offering a variety of products, from vegan cookbooks, apparel, and home goods; snacks, ,  peanut butter, marshmallows, and gelatin-free gummies; imported vegan cheeses along with cheeses made by local brands; meats by , Gardein, and Lightlife; and much more. 

Making vegan products easy to access

“At Vegan Supply we carry a wide range of products, extending from household goods and apparel, all the way to meat and dairy alternatives, However, many come to us because we carry a wide variety of organic, fair trade, and other ethically sourced products that may be otherwise difficult to find. Moving forward with the introduction of Bitcoin and Ethereum payments, we aim to make all of our exclusive products easier to access on an international scale.”

Vegan Supply 

For customers to pay with cryptocurrency, they must select the Coinbase Commerce option in the payment portal and choosing the desired cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any crypto from the Coinbase portfolio). 

Vegan Supply ships its items to most locations worldwide.

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