Veggly a Vegan Dating App See Amazing Growth After Veganuary

Image Credit: Veggly Website

Veggly the vegetarian dating app has exceeded the 300,000 users following and is hoping to get much more users in the following months.

Veggly claims to be the leading app for vegans with more than 300,000 users. Besides, they are celebrating over one million matches between the users and predicting over two million matches throughout 2021.

Alex Felipelli CEO and Veggly founder said:

“The growth we’ve seen is incredible! “As veganism continues to surge in popularity across the world, so does the demand for herbivorous dating and relationships. “So many of us want to be with someone who shares”

Valentine’s Day
For Valentine’s Day, Veggly is giving up free credits to new and existing users, these coins can be used to send a Super Like inside the app. You can use Veggly in over 181 countries, the highest amount of Veggly users are in the US, followed by Brazil, Germany, UK, and Spain.

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