Vegetarian Sues Restaurant For Serving Her Meat

A vegetarian filed a legal demand seeking financial compensation after a served her meat on a in India.

The woman is vegetarian for religious reasons accused the restaurant of giving her a ‘permanent mental agony', according to the India news outlet, NDTV.

Deepali Tyagi ordered the vegetarian pizza two years ago is now seeking a compensation equivalent of most £99,000.

When she took a bite she immediately realized the pizza contained meat. The Pizzeria management offered the whole family fresh pizzas free of cost, but Tyagi claimed that wasn't enough to make her up for the ‘permanent mental agony' caused.

As a result of mistakingly eating meat, Tyagi said she would have to endure ‘several long and expensive rituals' throughout her life. The lawsuit says they caused her to eat meat and that they have wounded her soul giving her mental agony for her whole life by ravaging her religious belief.

Many people across India avoid eating meat on religious grounds. The country is seeing a shift towards more diets.

The Dehli District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission called the pizza outlet to reply to the woman's complaint. A hearing is set for March 17.

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