Veganuary 2023: How to get hooked? And 7 Easy Recipes

Veganuary is a worldwide challenge to go vegan for the month of January. In 2022, more than 630,000 people throughout the world signed up to try veganism, and more than 800 new vegan items were introduced specifically for Veganuary.

Collectively, we are encouraging everyone who is concerned about climate change to participate in Veganuary this January, and Veganuary predicts even more people will sign up and become involved in 2023. Collectively, we have the power to control the climate.

The first wager was made in 2013 by British couple Jane Land and Matthew Glover. The two were speculating on how many people would join their new vegan movement, which they had launched on a whim from their bedroom. They might get a hundred people interested, Land figured. The number 1000 popped into Glover’s head. However, more than 3,000 people joined in the first year of what was termed Veganuary, a movement that was put up in just a few of months.

In 2017, that figure had risen dramatically to 50,000. There were about 400,000 participants by 2020. And by the year 2022, there were around 630,000 participants. Joaquin Phoenix, Paul McCartney, Chris Packham, Alicia Silverstone, and even politicians like Eric Adams have all signed on as Veganuary ambassadors in recent years.

But just what does “Veganuary” entail? In what ways can you participate? What sort of food are you able to eat, by the way? Every one of those concerns is addressed below. In addition, we have included some delicious vegan dishes for you to try if you are participating in Veganuary 2023.

Vegan January: what’s the deal with that?

While Land and Glover have removed themselves from Veganuary’s leadership, the movement continues to gain momentum without them. Veganuary is a month-long campaign to get as many individuals as possible to commit to a vegan diet over the month of January, much like Dry January and Movember.

The idea keeps gaining steam each year. Participants in 2022 hailed from 228 different nations and territories, and they all agreed to go vegan for the month of January. Though some Veganuary participants may already be vegan or vegetarian when they sign up, the vast majority of participants are actually omnivores. Once people give it a try, many of them decide to radically alter their way of living.

There was a 36% increase in long-term veganism among 2022 Veganuary participants who were not vegan before the month. Further, 74% of non-vegans reported future plans to reduce their consumption of animal products by at least 50%. Veganuary’s International Head of Communications Toni Vernelli discussed the numbers earlier this year, saying they prove the campaign is “so much more than just a one-month vow.” She went on to say that “Veganuary actually is generating great change for the earth, people, and animals.”

Is a vegan diet possible?

To participate in Veganuary, one must make a concerted effort to consume only plant-based foods throughout the month of January. Meat (including fish), eggs, cheese, milk, and butter are not considered plant-based and hence are off-limits. Still, there is no need to feel deprived if you decide to take part in Veganuary; the market is flooded with delicious and convenient plant-based alternatives.

Vegan versions of common foods, such as ham, shrimp, eggs, sausages, chicken, cheese, milk, and more, can be found in many supermarkets and convenience stores today. Now more than ever, vegetarian and vegan menu selections can be found at Burger King, McDonald’s, and KFC restaurants around the world.

There are also Veganuary-specific deals at numerous restaurants. Some 2022 restaurant franchises, including Wagamama, Bella Italia, Wahaca, and PizzaExpress, introduced new vegan menu items in January. (Therefore, you should probably keep an eye on your preferred eatery in case they, too, join in.)

To what end does Veganuary serve?

Being a part of Veganuary is easy to do. By signing up on the campaign’s website, you’ll gain access to a wealth of materials, such as meal planning guides, online cookbooks, and budget-friendly recipes. Famous people including Venus Williams, Joanna Lumley, Alicia Silverstone, Mya, and even Jane Goodall have contributed their own special recipes to the cookbook.

The Official Veganuary Starter Kit provides information on nutrition (such as how to acquire adequate protein, iron, and B12, etc.), how to transition to a vegan diet, strategies for eating out, and recommendations for helpful internet resources.

Recipes for Veganuary (and the rest of the year)

We can also provide you with the resources you need to get started if you’re thinking about going vegan for the month of January. You’ll find some of our favorite recipes for main courses, sides, and sweet treats here. Exactly what else do you require? Those words mean “no flesh.”

  1. Jamaican Vegan Curry

It’s all because to the coconut milk that this dish, which takes its inspiration from Jamaica, is so rich and satisfying. Any vegetables you prefer can be included in the filling, although the recipe’s author recommends broccoli and carrots. You may also add tofu or vegan chicken for a meatier dish.

  1. Vegan Pumpkin Cream Pasta

Blend some sweet pumpkin purée with some olive oil and other seasonings to produce a decadent and rich pasta sauce, then toss it with the pasta shape of your choice for a hearty and comforting meal. Keep in mind that penne is not required! Any kind of pasta, including conchiglie, farfalle, or fusilli, will do.

  1. Sweet Potatoes Thai Noodles

If you’re a fan of Thai cuisine, you’ll adore this meal, which uses spiralized sweet potatoes in place of traditional noodles and has all the same great flavor and aroma. Finish with a sprinkle of coconut aminos (which is similar to soy sauce).

  1. Enchiladas with Sweet Potato and Kidney Beans

The filling, cheese, sauce, tortilla, and other components of an enchilada create a synergy of flavors and textures that is unrivaled. The second doesn’t have to be meat, though. Beans and sweet potatoes make an excellent filling for enchiladas, making them as fulfilling as meat-filled versions.

  1. Roasted Garlic Breads with Vegan Cheese

Yes, even on a vegetarian or vegan diet, cheesy garlic bread is fair game. Furthermore, the best aspect is that It also takes very little effort to prepare. You’ll need some store-bought vegan parmesan, butter, garlic cloves, and fresh parsley to make this dish.

  1. Vegan Hasselback Potatoes Smothered in Cheese Sauce

Hasselback potatoes are about to become the hero of all your winter meals since they are crispy, tasty, and not too complex to create. You will want to make this dish again and again once you’ve tried it just once.

  1. Delicious Vegan Beet Burgers

The occasional burger craving calls for a burger and nothing else. For those who choose to forego meat, there is enough of delicious food to enjoy. Make a hearty patty out of black beans and beets in place of beef. Flavor it up with with smoky paprika, oregano, tomato paste, and garlic.

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