Veganism is influencing travel and tourism

The international research and analytics company Global Data in their latest report says that the influence of veganism in travel and tourism is growing via vegan-friendly tours, excursions, and travel apps as the industry is preparing itself for the post-Covid-19 crisis.

Travel companies are preparing new strategies to attract environmentally orientated individuals as they see greater personalization as key. Vegans are one of the main niches to develop.

“Vegan travellers can often encounter problems ranging from where to stay to a lack of suitable meal choices. Language barriers and cultural differences can often exacerbate these problems. This creates an opportunity where personalised recommendations are lacking and catering for a growing vegan consumer base could soon be a key differentiator.”

Johanna Bonhill-Smith, GlobalData’s travel and tourism analyst

Bonhill-Smith added that a vegan diet is not no longer viewed as just a market niche, but as a more sustainable lifestyle. “Travellers’ perceptions have changed during Covid-19 and many decide to make more environmentally friendly decisions like going vegan.

Serving traveler’s needs will be critical in post-pandemic recovery to both restore confidence and ensure satisfaction. 

Travel companies aspire to personalize each individual’s experience, veganism should be an area to be acknowledged and acted upon across the tourism sector.

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