Vegan Shrimp Hitting Restaurant Across The Us

Image Credit: New Wave

shrimp is soon to be available in restaurants across the US thanks to a partnership between California-based vegan brand New Wave Foods and distributor Dot Foods. 

Since 2015, New Wave Foods spent two years developing its shrimp, it is made from plant proteins and seaweed and contains all the essential amino acids found in meat and seafood. The Shrimp comes pre-cooked and it can be used in dishes such as Kung Pao shrimp, pasta, chowder, and tacos.

“We know that commercial and non-commercial foodservice operators need to continue to excite their guests with innovative food products, and plant-based food is the largest growing segment,”

“New Wave Shrimp is an extremely unique product—a true game changer in the seafood industry. We believe that it is a great plant-based alternative to ocean shrimp as an ingredient, and that it delivers on the needs of foodservice operators for menu versatility and quality.”

Rodd Willis, Director of Natural and Specialty at Dot Foods

Americans approximately  1.5 billion pounds of shrimp annually, making it the most popular seafood. New Wave Foods which raised $18 million in funding aims to disrupt the $9 billion shrimp sector through the and non-commercial foodservice segments, where 80 percent of shrimp is consumed.

“Following our recently announced $18 million Series A financing, we're excited to launch this new agreement which extends our presence and provides foodservice companies throughout the US greater access to New Wave's plant-based shrimp,”“Given Dot Food's vast foodservice distribution coverage, this partnership provides New Wave Foods with immediate national availability while demonstrating Dot's belief in the growth of plant-based eating and New Wave's product offering.” 

Mary McGovern, New Wave Foods CEO

To further disrupt the traditional seafood industry and save the oceans, New Wave Foods plans to launch new plant-based shrimp products in 2021 and enter other vegan seafood categories, including lobster, crab, and scallops, in 2022.

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