Vegan Scottish Mother Plead People To Go Plant-Based

A mother of three in Scotland who is raising her children on a vegan is pleading with more families to go on a .

Jude Dryden, who is raising her three children vegan, says it has ‘never been easier to change to '. Her vegan children are seven, five, and 15-months-old has called for more families to stick to a once “” comes to an end.


Jude became vegetarian at the early age of seven-years-old after she witnessed her farm animals being driven to the slaughterhouse. She went vegan in her 20's.

Some people might say I'm brainwashing my children, but I think it's the other way around. “I have told my kids we don't eat animals because it's cruel, but I was brought up eating meat without really knowing the truth of what it meant. “As soon as I understood what those animals went through there is just no way I could have eaten meat again.

Health improvements

It is much easier to shop vegan alternatives nowadays, Jude said. Plus, she ‘feels healthier'.“I would definitely recommend it, but not just for this month, and it's never been easier to change to veganism.”Ensuring her children are given meals at school is difficult, says Jude. After she pleaded with the council, one was provided.

School meals for vegan children

Schools in the UK have upped provision for vegan children in recent years but it wasn't without a fight.

One council in Scotland pledged to offer more meatless meals in a bid to improve .

A mother's request in Brighton led the council to promote more plant-based options in schools across the region.

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