Vegan Men A ‘Hot Commodity’ This Valentine’s – New Dating App Reveals

Valentines is getting close and Single vegan men have become a ‘hot commodity’ at the “Grazer App”, with its female user’s database which is far outweighing the number of men.

Grazer is addressing the fact that 56 percent of vegans said they would be discouraged by a meat-eater and would prefer people with ‘similar lifestyle choices’.

Similarly, 27 percent of vegans/ vegetarians have ended their relationship due to their partner’s eating behavior and at least 60 percent of vegans take an active role in convincing their partners to switch to a fully vegan diet.

‘A conscious alternative’

The plant-based movement is becoming more popular and growing every day, an App like Grazer can really challenge the mainstream dating apps and become the conscious alternative for the next generation of singles.

2020 has become a real huge success for veganism, Grazer has  finally launched with a re-imagined app to  unite the growing plant-based community people across the world.”

‘People are Awesome’

Director Kip Anderson who wrote and produced the documentaries “Cowspiracy” and “What The Health” is one of the investors at Grazer, added: “It’s a way to connect us all together and to meet new awesome people who share common ideals, goals, and visions. “I think the growth potential of this is phenomenal because as this movement grows Grazer is going to grow really big as well and I am excited to be a part of it.”

The app also aims for a more holistic culture and wants to discourage the “swipe” culture amongst popular dating apps by limiting the number of profile views to a maximum of 30 every four hours.

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